AMYMI Mens Sauna Vest Slimmer-sauna Suits Good For Cardio Good For Weightlifting Fitness Jogging 3XL black - FZQI40

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  • 【NEW MATERIAL FOR MORE COMFORT】Thanks to the specially designed top performance compression fabric, the moment you put it on, you will instantly look slimmer. Squeeze your tummy, shape your waist, and accentuate your curves. Ideal gym equipment if you want a flat belly

  • 【Farewell to Belly Fat】Sauna Vest Sports T-Shirt Wear our Warm Men's Back Slim fit and your body temperature will rise faster around your waist. Burn more calories, feel your belly flex, trim your waist and look toned and sporty

  • 【Promoting Weight Loss】Made with Polyester + Spandex, it increases body temperature in contact with the skin, stimulates sweating up to 3 times through physical activity, helps to speed up the calorie burning process and reduce body fat

  • 【Improve body posture】Sitting for a long time in the daily office can make people feel back pain. It improves body posture. It also corrects your posture and provides back support as you exercise, making every movement you do more efficient and giving you a healthy physique

  • 【SUITABLE FOR TRAINING AND DAILY ACTIVITIES】The sweat suit can be worn under all types of t-shirts or shapewear. Men's Slim Fit Shirts are suitable for indoor and outdoor training, and running shirts give you total freedom of movement during training, gym, walks, pet walks, running and yoga.

  • Lined.

    - Special material that increases the temperature of the upper body, absorbs body sweat and keeps you dry at all times.

    - Weight loss clothing is designed to minimize fat and help all men achieve the goal of a healthy life.

    - Suitable for many exercise-based activities. Can be worn during yoga, running, weight lifting.

    - Special training shirt that saves body heat and helps you sweat up to 3 times, accelerating whole body fat burning.

    Color: black+gray
    Fabric name: polyester + spandex
    Main fabric composition: polyester fiber (polyester)
    The content of main fabric components: 90.5 (%)
    Lining name: polyester + spandex
    Lining Composition: Spandex
    Lining ingredient content: 9.5 (%)

    Long-sleeved T-shirt*1
    Short-sleeved T-shirt*1


    1. Back support.

    2. Generate heat to warm your body when it's cold

    3. Increases the temperature of the abdominal core muscles, resulting in more sweat.

    4. Strengthen, tighten and protect your core muscles.

    5. Provides instant abdominal compression.

    6. Smoothes the lower abdominal pouch

    7. Cinch the waist for a masculine look.

    AMYMI Mens Sauna Vest Slimmer-sauna Suits Good For Cardio Good For Weightlifting Fitness Jogging 3XL black - FZQI40