ARKMat 2 x Interlocking EVA Stable Floor Mats | 24mm Thick | 6 x 4ft - EDOX76

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  • Quality Stable Mat from a Leading Supplier of Horse Mats

  • EVA Mat - Lightweight Yet Durable, Non Pourous, Easy Clean

  • Anti Slip Tear Drop Design Surface

  • Our stall mats provide added support for legs and feet of hooved animals. They are an excellent insulation from the cold.

  • Non-porous, non-absorbent, urine proof, will not swell, curl or lift. Dust, spore, smell and allergy free for humans and animals

  • EVA Interlocking Stable Mats

    Product Description

    Interlocking mats are superior to standard mats as they lock together for added protection for your horse or livestock.

    Lightweight EVA Mats have a heavy density foam cushioned construction.

    All mats have a teardrop finish on the top side.

    The Mat has a coin pattern on the reverse side.

    These mats have excellent impact resistance, are lightweight for easy handling and have excellent sound and low temperature insulation.

    A high-quality, dense and durable expanded EVA foam protection mats giving ultimate cushioned protection for horses, cows and livestock.

    An ideal mat for self fitting, the sizes being compatible with most standard stable/box sizes.

    Why choose EVA Flooring instead of Rubber?

    EVA foam is closed cell foam made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate & blended copolymers. It has a high level of chemical cross linking. The result is semi-rigid product with a fine uniform cell structure that is suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and applications.
    Benefits of EVA Foam include

    Absorbs Impact & Vibration
    Weather, Chemical & Urine Resistant
    Excellent Thermal Qualities for your Horse
    Lighter in Weight than traditional rubber so easier to handle and install
    Buoyant with low fluid absorption
    At ARK we recommend 18mm thick mats for very small horses, 24mm for small, 34mm for medium and 44mm for large horses.

    ARKMat 2 x Interlocking EVA Stable Floor Mats | 24mm Thick | 6 x 4ft - EDOX76