Bodypower 47kg Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Set - UAXY0A5K


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  • Hollow 5ft standard barbell: lightweight and compact with knurling

  • 18" Tubular Spinlock standard dumbbell handles: steel construction with knurling

  • Durable tri-grip vinyl weight discs: scratch and impact-resistant; compacted cement filling; noise reducing plastic surface

  • Set includes: 1 x 5ft Hollow Spinlock Barbell; 2 x 18" Tubular Spinlock Dumbbell Handles; 6 x Spinlock Collars; Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Discs: 4 x 1.25kg; 4 x 2.5kg ; 6 x 5kg

  • Bar dimensions (L x Diam): 5' (60") x 1" (37" collar to collar)

  • 1 x 5ft Hollow Spinlock Barbell
    2 x 18 Tubular Spinlock Dumbbell Handles
    6 x Spinlock Collars
    Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Discs (45kg):
    4 x 1.25kg
    4 x 2.5kg
    6 x 5kg

    This Body Power 47kg Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Set allows you to enjoy versatile free weight training in the comfort of your own home. Complete with a variety of tri-grip vinyl weight discs totalling 45kg, you can mix up the weights to work different muscle groups and progress your performance over time with the help of the included barbell and dumbbell handles.

    Both the steel 5ft standard 1" diameter hollow barbell and pair of 18" Tubular Spinlock Dumbbell Handles offer a comfortable grip with knurled handles. Space efficient too, they're ideal for working out at home.

    The plate-load ends for the 5ft Barbell are 28cm, with a distance between plate loads of 93cm.

    The smart red and black Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Discs are made from high quality vinyl, which is both scratch and impact-resistant and feature a compacted cement filling. They also have a plastic surface, which prevents noise when the weights are dropped. Thanks to the tri-grip design, they are easy to pick up resulting in faster loading.

    Six Spinlock collars are included for use in the barbell and dumbbells.

    One year (home use).

    Bodypower 47kg Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Set - UAXY0A5K