Bodypower PR100 Power Rack - SJAXESFF


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  • All-in-one machine: for full-body training at home

  • Heavy duty frame: built to withstand intense weightlifting sessions

  • U-hooks: 1 pair included; safely load weight plates and rack your bar after each set

  • Numbered bar catch holes: 35 heights

  • Safety bar catch pegs: add extra security for lifting in confidence

  • Manufactured with a heavy duty frame, the Body Power PR100 is the weightlifters perfect home gym addition. Offering a virtually unlimited range of exercises, this Power rack is the ideal platform for workout versatility.

    A pair of U-hooks are included, so you can safely load weights onto your bar, and rack your weights after each set at one of 35 heights. Full cage length safety bar catch begs add extra security, meaning you can lift in confidence without the need for a spotter.

    Hit your back and biceps with the integrated multiple grip chin up/pull up bar, or utilise the height adjustable dip bars. The dip bars also come with attachable foam rollers to quickly turn them into a comfortable and effective leg hold down.

    The PR100 features an extended lower rear cross bar that provides extra space for fitting in a bench for press movements. The cross bar also boasts a convenient footrest that can be used in conjunction with the optional lat pull-down and pec dec attachments for seated row exercises. (Bench, lat pull-down and pec deck attachments sold separately).

    Bodypower PR100 Power Rack - SJAXESFF