Bounce Shoe for Girls Powder White Jump Shoes With Non-Slip Tread and Removable Liner Easy Cleaning Powder White-XL - LYSA06

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  • QUALITY & ANIMAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Vegan and animal free leather, non-staining, tear resistant. Compound reinforced rubber winter tire graded rubber. Hand stitched mesh and inner shoe lining with increased breathability, sweat reduction and comfortability. Hardened and pressed plastic polymer for greater structual integrity.

  • LOW IMPACT & HEALTH ADVANTAGE - Individuals with arthritis, muscle injury, degenerative joint/muscle tissue will benefit the most, the low impact on joints will provide you with continuous physical activity without causing pain, injury or continued damage to your joints/tissues.

  • PERFORMANCE - High quality performance for short and long distance activities, dancing, bouncing, jumping, workout, exercise and anything you can imagine! Perforated hand stitched linen for soft comfort, dryness and sweat evaporation. CUSTOMIZABLE WEIGHT - Our boots come in customized weight settings to help you reach your max performance, bounce, jump and comfort level.

  • QUALITY CHECK - Each boot is checked rigorously and bottom shells are weight tested by a hydraluic press to accurately test weight pressure. Boots are designed and tested to hold up to 500+ LBS of weight to ensure maximum safety.

  • After Service: Since we are an international seller, it is inconvenient to return and exchange goods, so please check the size carefully before purchasing, so as not to delay your time. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

  • Product Description

    made out of high quality materials such as high polyer plastic, tire quality rubber, hydraulic press for weight capacity check. Perfect for dancing, jumping, bouncing, running, jogging short and long distances, workouts and any other type of exercise. PRODUCT CARE: Do not use during temperatures below 8 Degrees Celsius either indoors or outdoors as it may cause damage. Store in room temperature area.


    Beginner should be supvised before become skilled.

    Avoid prolonged sun exposure if you don't use it.

    Avoid practicing on uneven,slippery surface.

    Please choose the size according to your foot length, foot width and weight. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service.

    Bounce Shoe for Girls Powder White Jump Shoes With Non-Slip Tread and Removable Liner Easy Cleaning Powder White-XL - LYSA06