DXIN Adjustable Power Tower,Home Pull-Up Bar,Multifunctional Weight Station,Gym Pull Up Dip Station Load 300KG White Color : White Size : 194 * 66 * 180cm - NFMIUT3K


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  • 【Stable And Sturdy】:The latest upgraded power Tower,the frame is made of heavy metal,the main bracket is widened,and it is stronger than the wall-mounted upper tie rod.Our Pull Up Dip Station all have a load capacity of 300KG,a long base of 100cm and 4 A powerful fixed plate provides more support points.These designs highlight stability and safety,avoid swinging,and can be used for a long time.

  • 【Adjustable and multifunctional】:6-level height adjustment system,from 180 cm to 225cm,you can adjust the appropriate height according to your height;only one fitness station can improve the fitness level of the entire family;using this equipment,there is no restriction ,You can easily pull up,chin,sag,vertical knee lift,push-ups anytime,anywhere,suitable for all fitness and strength exercises

  • 【Comfortable and durable】:The high-quality appearance and reinforced steel structure of this dip Stand Workout make it last for several years;the thick PU back cushion,foam armrest and non-slip elbow cushion can reduce the pressure and avoid injury;more importantly,It will not slip due to the dampness of sweat,all parts will not rust,the overall appearance is beautiful and fashionable,and it is safer to use.

  • 【Easy installation】:Each design of this Workout Dip Station is very simple,quick to install and easy to store;after training,you only need to fold up our pull-ups within a few minutes,of course,you can also choose not to store,It is convenient for you to train without installation during the next training.

  • 【Quality and Service Guarantee】:Choosing a high-quality fitness equipment will bring you a strong body,we are very confident in our products,if you have any questions about this product,please feel free to contact us,we will Reply to you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory answer.