Step Platforms

Step Platforms

Official material ATIPICK Ideal for fitness Aerobic Step of the latest generation Several/ati..

$69.10 $20.25

【3 Height Settings】 10 cm, 15 cm, 20cm, Can be adjusted according to their own situation, Dimension..

$96.78 $65.33

★【Height adjustable】: The Stand Rack Platform's height can be adjusted through the knob, easy to op..

$59.82 $19.50

Easy to assemble and disassemble: It can be flexibly changed in height, is durable, can be prepared..

$138.23 $99.04

❤ Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for use at home, in the office, in fitness classes, in park..

$103.25 $56.42

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: A small footprint makes the Aerobic Step lightweight and easy to transpor..

$101.90 $62.64

*[3-Level Height Adjustment]3-level quick-to-change height adjustment stepper(10/15/20cm) to ensure..

$138.76 $99.23

Effect: By insisting on using it for aerobic exercise, it can help you lose weight and assist cardi..

$138.71 $99.61

Material: environmentally friendly PP+TPR material, no pollution, no odor, multiple fixing, no defo..

$77.17 $26.40

Adjustable stable step in 3 levels Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 10/15/20 cm Weight: 3,5 kg Max. user..

$68.14 $21.81

▲Adjustable aerobic fitness pedals, all-in-one fitness, muscles are all in motion, and easy to burn..

$138.78 $99.64
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