Fitness Mad Wave Hula Hoop - VDHL91

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  • Weight: 1.5Kg (3.3lbs)

  • Wave Design on the Inside

  • Easy to Assemble 6 Piece Design

  • NBR Foam Padding

  • Diameter: 100.5cm (39.6")

  • Hula hooping is great exercise and will help to naturally firm and tone the waist and abdomen Fitness-Mad's weighted design enhances workout benefits, whilst the wave design on the inside of the hoop helps to keep the hoop on the body whilst exercising Rapid, easy assemble 6 piece design for convenience in transport and storage with soft NBR Foam padding for improved comfort.

    Size: 100cm DIA
    Weight: 2kg
    Colour: Blue/Grey

    Fitness Mad Wave Hula Hoop - VDHL91