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  • Enhanced physique: Dumbbell bench exercise for a long time can make your body stronger and more body-shaped, while enhancing physical fitness, can relieve fatigue, exercise every day, let your Physical and mental health.

  • Showing perfect body: Dumbbell bench can exercise your body muscles while you keep exercising every day, so that your body is getting more and more perfect! With beautiful chest muscles and abdominal muscles, you will become stronger!

  • Strong bearing capacity: The dumbbell bench can bear more than 450kg, and the load-bearing capacity is very strong. It is suitable for people of all kinds of weights, and it is durable and allows you to exercise safely.

  • High-quality metal material: The dumbbell bench is made of high-quality metal steel, thickened square tube, strong support, strong and durable, the dumbbell bench surface is made of high quality leather, the surface is flat, wear-resistant, and it Very soft, so you can be safe and comfortable.

  • Backrest multi-angle adjustment: The backrest of the fitness chair can be adjusted in 2 steps, and a variety of fitness angles can meet your various fitness needs, and easily complete various movements, bringing you a good fitness experience.

  • Applicable people: fitness men and women, middle-aged people, etc.
    product description:
    Sit-ups: Effectively exercise the waist and abdomen muscles, enhance muscle strength and elasticity, and easily shape the abdominal muscle vest line
    Push-ups: chest combined with proportional exercise, strengthen the abdominal arm muscles, create a curved figure
    Auxiliary drawstring: reduce excess arm meat and stretch muscle training in various parts of the body
    leaning over the back: the back waist integrated fitness exercise, the muscles stretched synchronously before and after, the pectoral latissimus dorsi muscle
    prone leg lift: leg muscle strengthening training, increase leg strength, solid slender leg type, while improving lower extremity active joints

    FLBT DumbbellBenchHomeMulti-FunctionSit-upBoardAbdominalMuscleFitnessEquipmentFoldableBenchPressBirdBenchPress needed - VYSDN6JE