FLBT HomeAbdominalFitnessChairAdjustable90°FlatWeightBenchDumbbellBenchProfessionalFitnessChairMulti-FunctionSupineBoardHomeBench needed - IRTF5GX4


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  • Breathable PU sports artificial leather, breathable orifice plate, flat and wear-resistant handle, comfortable, elastic, scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant, wide and thick comfortable back, built-in high resilience memory foam.

  • Four-step height adjustment, free choice of free power, suitable for different groups of people; increase footrest foam, no pain when exerting force, better cushioning effect, increase comfort, comfortable ergonomic seat design to ensure body safety and reduce exercise Muscle fatigue.

  • Natural fit curve, ergonomic curved support design, more comfortable movement

  • Low-carbon thick steel pipe, triangular load-bearing structure is stable, sturdy and durable, bearing weight 200KG; elastic auxiliary drawstring, more auxiliary sports, more body muscle training, more fun sports

  • Folding joint adopts three-layer fixing method, the triangular structure is stable, the movement is not shaking; the foldable design makes it easy to store and does not take up space.

  • Product Name: Multifunctional supine board
    Colour: Black
    Material: foam + PU leather + high quality steel
    Whether it can be folded: it can be folded
    Training type: whole body muscle
    Applicable people: general
    Product net weight: 16KG
    Bearing range: 200 kg/ 440 pounds
    Sit-ups: Effectively exercise the waist and abdomen muscles, enhance muscle strength and elasticity, and easily shape the abdominal muscle vest lines
    Push-ups: chest combined with proportional exercise, strengthen the abdominal arm muscles, shape the curve
    leaning over the back: the back waist integrated fitness, exercise the waist strength, relieve the lumbar muscles, stretch the chest muscles
    Rally training, men practice shoulder and chest muscles, women correct excess fat on shoulders and back
    supine leg lift: thigh, buttocks muscles, leg muscles strengthen exercise, create thigh muscles

    FLBT HomeAbdominalFitnessChairAdjustable90°FlatWeightBenchDumbbellBenchProfessionalFitnessChairMulti-FunctionSupineBoardHomeBench needed - IRTF5GX4