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  • ● Comfortable cushion: This weighting cushion is made of high quality PU leather, high density sponge, foam foam and high quality fabric. Comfortable, breathable, abrasion resistant and easy to clean. Protect your back while exercising.

  • ● Designed for sports: a versatile flat bench designed for muscle training. Suitable for all types of fitness, diet and body training, especially barbell exercises, chest, back, waist training, arms, thighs, abdominal muscle training, etc.

  • ● Durability: thicken the whole steel pipe, stabilize the thick foundation pipe, thicken the pipe, bear heavy load, supine plate beam and support pipe ensure safety and service life

  • ● Great for full body training: This versatile training bench can be used for a variety of exercises, very suitable for biceps curl, bench press, shoulder press, abdominal muscle training, leg muscle training. Ideal for full body training at home or in the gym

  • ● Load-bearing structure: The durable and durable pipe structure further enhances the stability and safety of the training. High-density foam pad for added comfort

  • 【Exercise the whole body effectively】 This universal weight bench is suitable for all kinds of training such as strength training, free weight, abdominal exercises. Through these exercises you can exercise your arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks and more. You can combine correct aerobic exercise to burn fat quickly. Please help you have a perfect body.

    FLBT SmalldumbbellWeightBench-withDigitalDisplayforWeightliftingBenchMulticolorFitnessdumbbell needed - AMCL4BEI