Gonex Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit for Workout Exercise Outdoor Training Crossfit - BCBB39

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  • [AVOID ROPE FRAYING] The mission of Gonex Battle Rope Anchor is to maximize the protection of your battle rope. Stops fraying, ripping, tearing or any other damage to your battle rope. It provides the best protection against battle rope damage by using the most durable High strength polyester ribbon.

  • [Oval Stainless Steel Carabiner] Did you find that the D carabiner and gourd carabiner are very difficult to install? Do you think their stressed area is too small? Gonex Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit choose OVAL stainless steel carabiner to provide a better experience of installation. Oval Carabiner has more stressed area, and the opening can be locked, will be more durable and safe than D or gourd carabiners. The larger size of carabiner also allow for easier and faster installation.

  • [Heavy Duty Nylon Anchor Straps] Gonex Battle Rope Anchors are made of High strength polyester ribbon to carry up to 2000 lb including the weight of the rope itself and the inertia of your swing. Tightly woven, strong, durable, super - quality Battle Rope Anchors will be your best choice to withstand and cooperate with your high-intensity training.

  • [Extra Wide Straps - Fit 1.5” or 2” Battle Rope] Gonex Battle Rope Anchor has extra wide straps. The WIDER size (1.6 inches wide x 15.7 long inches) can effectively be anti - slip and increase the grip to the straps. In addition, the WIDER Straps can spread the force of inertia, stopping the fraying and tearing on your battle rope.

  • [Light Weight Design for Portability] 2 straps and 1 carabiner are only 250 g that you can carry them to everywhere and change the training ground at will. For example, it can be fixed on weights such as kettlebells on the beach, on fitness equipment in the gym, on weights at home, and on poles in outdoor places such as grass or basketball court.

  • Box contents: 2 x high performance nylon anchor straps, 1 x oval high performance stainless steel carabiner

    Gonex Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit for Workout Exercise Outdoor Training Crossfit - BCBB39