HOKCUS All kinds of very stable muffler accessories - LCFPDRH3


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  • ● Different positions: 0-85 degrees adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different positions; The speed range is 0-350 per minute.

  • ● Accessories of different sizes: Use different accessories, which have different sizes to meet the needs of different lengths and sizes, and have different experiences every time.

  • ● Strong speed regulating motor: This machine has strong power and its speed can be adjusted at will.

  • ● Powerful bracket: the thrust is easy to install. The stand is very strong and can be installed on a smooth surface, allowing hands to play freely.

  • ● Privacy protection: Your privacy is our top priority. All products are carefully packaged to absolutely protect your privacy.

  • ❤The stress of life sometimes makes us breathless, but we still have to learn to enjoy life. It is not only a machine, but also a good helper to make us happy and relieve stress.

    ❤Voltage: 12V/24V DC
    Power supply: 100-240V universal power supply
    Expansion speed: 0-350/ min
    Telescopic distance: 4.5cm bracket positioning: stepless speed regulation
    The adjustment range is 85 degrees.

    * Machine
    * The attachment is shown in the figure.
    * Speed switch

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    HOKCUS All kinds of very stable muffler accessories - LCFPDRH3