HOUSHIYU-521 9M 12M 15M Length Battle Ropes Battle Exercise Training Rope Polyester 2 Inches Width,5cm 30ft - GQTG90

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  • 100% polyester, wear-resistant, durable and reinforced core, 3-strand twisted rope strong structure. Easy to use, just wrap it around something (trees, columns, poles) and get started. The arms and legs, while increasing aerobic exercise, produce good sweat in a matter of minutes.

  • Exercise your body: Battle ropes help you strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, legs, and intense training. This is very helpful for those new rope training!

  • The heat-shrinkable caps on both ends protect your hands and help you get a better workout. Does not wear or leave fibers on the floor.

  • Easy to carry: When not in use, you can easily roll up the cross-shaped rope for storage. The flexible design is also easy to carry, allowing you to take the power cord to the gym, park or beach. Suitable for CrossFit, fitness training, athletes, boxers and sports enthusiasts.

  • Quality Assurance: 100% guarantee the quality of this product. If you are not satisfied within 15 working days after receiving the goods, you can contact us in time, 24 hours very friendly!

  • Battle rope home fitness rope big rope arm force explosive physical fitness training equipment strength rope fighting rope

    Product Name: Combat Training Rope
    Product thickness: 5cm / 2 inches
    Product length: 9 m / 30 ft, 12 m / 40 ft, 15 m / 50 ft
    Product weight: 9 meters combat training rope 12.6kg / 27.8 pounds, 12 meters combat training rope 16.8kg / 37 pounds, 15 meters combat training rope 21kg / 46.3 pounds
    Product material: polyester (anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-aging, soft, heavy)
    Wrap on both sides: polyethylene heat shrinkable tube (better grip and relaxation)

    Note: When you open the package, the product will be slightly harder. It can be wiped with a wet towel and then dried. In advanced physical training, large rope shaking training must be used. This is due to the direction of the rhythm during the shaking. Different ways and waveforms, the physical energy of all parts of the body can produce strong reactions, and have a good exercise effect on physical health, fitness and bodybuilding. Especially in combat training, it is very helpful for impact speed, strength and strength. It can also be used as a body training for climbing ropes.

    How to use: Attach the middle of the rope to a solid fixed object or heavy object. Start training at both ends of the rope.

    HOUSHIYU-521 9M 12M 15M Length Battle Ropes Battle Exercise Training Rope Polyester 2 Inches Width,5cm 30ft - GQTG90