Jordan Fitness 10kg SandBag Extreme Yellow - GDEY38SE


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  • Durable construction: "no leak" inner sandbag liner; bar-tacked reinforced stress points; strong handles

  • Incredibly versatile: slam; throw; lift and haul

  • 100% portable: easy to use on the go

  • Weight: 10kg

  • Colour: black and yellow

  • The 10kg Jordan Sandbag Extreme is a great tool for challenging fitness ability, increasing endurance and overall cardio strength and physical power.

    Used widely in functional fitness training areas, bootcamps, MMA, uniform services and rehab facilities, the Jordan Extreme Sandbag is the most reliable on the market. Able to withstand extensive slamming and throwing, these really are durable bags. They feature an inner bag that prevents leaking, bar-tacked reinforced stress points and durable handles to withstand any intensity.

    Jordan Fitness 10kg SandBag Extreme Yellow - GDEY38SE