Jordan Fitness Sandbag Pro - TFQJ0NTO


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  • Versatile: ideal for adding extra intensity to functional training routines

  • Improved Design: upgraded functionality; aesthetics and durability ensure its construction is superior to similarly styled sandbags

  • Extra Handles: give you more options; allows a training partner to join in

  • Weight: 10kg

  • Colour: black and yellow

  • Key Features


    Redesigned from top to bottom.

    Improved Durability, Functionality and Aesthetics.

    Superior construction to any other sandbag of this style.

    Extra Handles to complement existing handles.

    New “Ignite” premium styling.

    Enhanced, stronger Velcro tabs.

    Improve strength and power endurance

    For energy expediture leading to metabolic acceleration

    Can be thrown and caught, as an alternative to a Medicine Ball

    Can be used as a form of unconventional training

    Indoors and outdoor use

    As a variation from Dumbbells, Barbells or Medicine Balls

    Only bag of its type to feature top handle

    Widely used in Functional Training areas, Elite performance, Crossfit, Bootcamps, Uniform Services, MMA, Boxing Clubs and rehab facilities.


    Extra Velcro tabs for enhanced durability

    Adjustable colour coded weights

    Maintains its tubular shape

    Jordan Fitness Sandbag Pro - TFQJ0NTO