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  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: Made to be worn at work, at the gym or anywhere in between, this tank top shapes and moves with your body during workouts or daily activities. You can wear it alone or under your dress: YOU WILL SWEAT STERLI in the blink of an eye.

  • WET MORE: Sweat hard, keep dry, this garment was designed to increase breathability but keep it all inside. The sauna suit stimulates sweat during exercise 3 times more than normal clothing to help burn fat while preserving body heat where it matters most: abs, lower back, chest and waist.

  • PERFECT FIT: A full body shaper that fits your size. Most of the other thinner waist compression suit was wrong and offers an uncomfortable experience with an undersized design.

  • FAST RESULTS: Maximize exposure to heat and help burn more calories FASTER by distributing evolutionary pressure on your body during workouts or daily activities and forcing it to adapt. Accelerate Recovery Time: Keeps muscles warm so you can get in and out of exercise and help prevent muscle or joint injury.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high quality polymer fabric, this waist tonic traps heat and intensifies natural sweating 3 times more, so you can enjoy a hot sauna-like experience and its health benefits. More sweat, less time. This shaping workout shirt will make you look slimmer IMMEDIATELY.

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    1) Innovative manufacturing
    Composition of polymer and spandex that retains heat that preserves body heat and stimulates a more natural sweating to maximize results.

    2) Wet inside and dry outside
    Its special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat to always be dry outside. Enjoy the benefits of sweating without major problems!

    Eliminate toxins inside the body.
    Increase sweating during training.
    Accelerate calorie consumption.
    Eliminate excess fat in the upper and lower back.
    Healthy Weight Loss.

    4) Faster results
    Comfortable and lightweight stretch fabric that moves with your body and enhances any physical activity at home or in the gym.