MENGKE Sports ring gymnastics ring fitness circle 8 sections adjustable for bodybuilding training - DPVU36

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  • Scientific fitness: hula hoop rotation speed should not be too fast to maintain a steady and uniform movement, the body feels easy to breathe evenly, and the feet do not need to be too stalemate to move slightly, avoiding local muscle fatigue caused by repeated exercise for a long time. It can be aerobic exercise that consumes calories from once every 3 days to once a day.

  • Burn fat quickly: Slightly twist the exercise, effectively burn fat and calories, massage balls relax your body. When the fitness hula hoop rotates, you can massage and lose weight in a fun way. Relying on the waist to fully exercise the psoas muscles, abdominal muscles, lateral psoas muscles, thighs, arms and other parts.

  • Convenient to carry: The fitness hula hoop has eight detachable parts. You can separate the hula hoop and pack it in a bag. Therefore, you can easily bring hula hoops for children, suitable for any place, such as gardens, playgrounds, lawns and beaches. It doesn't occupy a place in the home.

  • Safe and comfortable: The thick soft foam on the outside of the hula hoop is made of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, so it can be suitable for children and adults, safe, comfortable, and easy to clean when used. Our professional hula hoop is not only a training device, but also a waist massager.

  • Unique design: The fitness ring is designed with bending wave foam, which can avoid injury or excessive pain during exercise, and assist in the massage of the waist to refine, ergonomically, and provide you with a comfortable and safe way to reduce weight and help you get healthier Slim body.

  • Product specifications: Color: pink + gray
    material: ENA foam
    weight: 0.9kg
    size: 6 (73cm), 7 (84cm), 8 (95cm)
    attention when using
    1.. Our hoop hoop bread foam cotton, can minimize the damage to the skin, especially reduce the scratch on the new skin. 2. Make reasonable and effective exercise plan: 4-6 times a week, 2-3 groups in each group, 20-30 minutes in each group, 20-30 minutes rest between groups, generally the longest use time should not exceed 45 minutes. (beginners can appropriately reduce the intensity of exercise)
    3. Choose a wide range of positions: we need to do this exercise in a relatively open place to avoid injury. If you do it at home, you need to choose an all-around environment. Pregnant women or menstrual women should avoid this exercise one hour before or after meals. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by adults. 6. There will be 1-2cm error in manual measurement of product size. 7. Due to the pixel problem, there may be color difference in the picture, subject to the real object.

    MENGKE Sports ring gymnastics ring fitness circle 8 sections adjustable for bodybuilding training - DPVU36