Senshi Japan Eagle Claw Weight Lifting Hooks Straps Wrist Support Padded Gym Dead Lift - ATSA90

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  • Senshi Japan Weight Lifting Hooks With High Quality Neoprene & Steel Hook made from highest quality neoprene & nylon

  • Extra strong velcro strap for secure fastening perfect for power lifting, weight lifting and body building exercises such as deadlifts, can also be used for pull ups

  • Allows you to increase the amount of weight you can lift gel padding to ensure supreme comfort

  • Fitted with extra strong padding and with wrist support.

  • One size fits all

    Lift to your utmost potential with weightlifting straps, eagle claw wrist grips. A strong grip will not only help you with power lifting, bodybuilding training but will also improve your daily life handling & confidence. Extra thick and long weightlifting straps will fit everyone regardless of their wrist / hand size. Our weight lifting hooks are designed with a one finger grip to ensure that it is not obstructing your full grip on the bar or handle.

    Our Senshi Japan Hook straps are for anybody that wants to lift heavy without worrying about their grip strength. Most lifts fail because of your grip strength, not because the target muscle fails – Elevate hook straps ensure you never lose grip.

    Our senshi Japan grip hooks boasts a soft, extra thick high-grade neoprene and a fully adjustable fastening strap to give you premier comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights. Our lifting Hand Straps Wraps with hooks are designed to supplement your grip particularly during pulling exercises because while doing heavy lifts, your grip will often fail before your target muscles do. Also, these workout straps give a best support to your wrist joints and forearms.

    • One Size Fully Adjustable
    • Comfort-Fit Lifting Hooks Grips
    • Increase Strength And Techniques
    • Our Gym Weight Lifting Hooks Boasts a Very Strong Gym Strap
    • Perfect For Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Weight Training, etc.
    • Our strong wrist support lifting straps will not break even at higher weights
    • Ideal for Exercises Such As Dead lifts, Shrugs, Squats, Pull Ups, Rows, etc.

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    Senshi Japan Eagle Claw Weight Lifting Hooks Straps Wrist Support Padded Gym Dead Lift - ATSA90