Sissel Sport Swing - HPSO96

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  • Flexible exercise bar for targeted rehabilitation

  • Designed to be used in physiotherapy or sports rehabilitation

  • Perfectly tuned vibration to activate proprioceptors

  • Exercises can be done using little strength

  • Total body workout

  • Sissel sports swing
    This multi-functional Trainingsutensil For A Dynamic Core Training.
    Here you can Bekomst exactly what you need for your fitness and health.
    The SISSEL Sports Swing allows your core muscles, improve your strength and endurance and posture and coordination.
    Product Features:
    Comfortable to hold thanks to the exclusive handle design
    High-quality, non-slip silicone handle and ends – Odourless
    Extremely sturdy swing bar with optimal vibration action
    Incl. exercise poster with 12 exercises
    Length: Approx. 150 cm

    Sissel Sport Swing - HPSO96