Smart Abdominal Wheel Men's Abs Wheel Abdominal Roller Smart Rebound Real-time Display Data - ZDNN430R

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  • Enhances strength and clarity of upper body muscles (abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders and back)

  • Two rounds of auxiliary balance, simple forward and backward movement.

  • It can protect the knee during use, light, compact and easy to carry.

  • No need to waste time and money in the gym. Use the roller for 10 minutes every day in a comfortable private home or office. This will help you lose weight and strengthen core muscles.

  • Abdominal wheel: Full body exercise, shaping perfect body is not a dream, non-slip roller design; a fitness wheel that can solve your troubles, take you back to understand the belly wheel, and easily have a good body.

  • Home fitness equipment, abdominal training roller, abdominal fitness wheel, full body exercise, building a perfect body is not a dream, anti-skid roller design; made of ABS environmental protection material, quiet during exercise, excellent design: wear-resistant and anti-skid, car tire texture, ideal Grip, refuse to slide; Raised outer ring, strong grip; Two-color soft sponge; Strong bearing capacity.
    Versatile Exercise: Rollers can be used to crush fat to help you lose weight and get in shape. It can help stretch and tone the muscles in the abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders and back. Fits All Levels: Our wheels are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Whether you are an adult, male, female or child, it is your ideal abdominal exerciser,
    This is a belly wheel made of environmentally friendly materials. It is eco-friendly, builds muscles and builds the perfect body. It is a very practical home fitness equipment, allowing you to use the same professional equipment as the gym at home. It is the perfect equipment for weight loss, belly reduction and fitness. It is the perfect product for those who love sports.
    Feature:Our Ab abdominal exercise rollers are compact and easy to exercise anywhere.Lightweight and durable.
    Exercise your upper body (abdominal muscles / chest / back / shoulders / arms).
    Easy to use, simple forward and backward movement, you can use it without complicated learning.
    Double sliding wheels to help balance, with foam knee pads.
    Product net weight: 4KG
    Bearing weight: 200KG
    Exercise function: abdomen, waist, hip lift
    Main functions: brake, rebound
    Main materials: rubber, ABS, spring, steel pipe
    Product size: 43 * 22.5 * 17.5CM
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    Smart Abdominal Wheel Men's Abs Wheel Abdominal Roller Smart Rebound Real-time Display Data - ZDNN430R