Step Platforms

Step Platforms

▲Adjustable aerobic fitness pedals, easily burn body fat for half an hour every day, burn calories ..

$138.29 $99.13

Premium slip-proof comfort cushion top easy on hands feet back or other body contact points Made ..

$125.60 $67.47

Whole body workouts - Use for a variety of different exercises to work the whole body, from the leg..

$78.49 $49.90

Dimensions – The Dimensions Are 26.77inch Long X 11.02inch Wide X 5.91inch Tall; This Aerobic Stepp..

$60.35 $19.14

Fitness, no profile, material: no colour, colour: colour Pie Step Softee Equipment Softee Equipme..

$64.36 $19.54

Premium material: made of durable PP material.?Ideal for fitness, family and indoor use. Anti-sli..

$138.72 $99.50

A stepper is equivalent to a treadmill + massage chair + foot treatment, 5 minutes a day, health is..

$138.58 $99.34

3 Height Level Riser:The exercise step features 2 sets detachable riser which can be easily added o..

$138.66 $99.90

Material: composite board, no pollution, no odor, multiple fixing, no deformation, easy to clean, d..

$107.58 $79.10
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