Tunturi Functional Fitness Sandbag - KUSKV1QA


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  • Suitable for cross fit and booth camp exercises

  • Sand-filled

  • Multiple grips

  • Available in 5 kg up to 25 kg bags

  • Tunturi Strength Bag 5 Kg The 5 Kg Tunturi Strength Bag Is A Combination Of A Kettlebell, Medicine Ball And A Dumbbell Bar. The Strength Bag, Also Called Power Bag Or Sandbag, Can Be Used For Various Exercises. The Strength Bag Can Be Hold In Various Positions With The Four Different Grips. The Various Grips Allow You To Train Arms, Legs, Shoulders And Back. The Tunturi Strength Bag Is Made Of Very Durable Material And Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors. This Makes The Bag Perfect For Boot Camp Or Crossfit. The Variety Of Weights Makes The Power Bag Available For Everyone. The Strength Bag Is Available In The Following Weights: 5Kg 10 Kg 15 Kg 20 Kg 25 Kg Most Important Features: 3 Training Products In 1 Product Suitable For Training Arms, Legs, Shoulders And Back Can Be Used Both Indoors And Outdoors Available In Various Weights

    Tunturi Functional Fitness Sandbag - KUSKV1QA