Wgwioo Anti-Gravity Running Boots Teens Elastic Shoes Kids Stilts Bounce Shoes Adult Jumps Shoes Space Bouncer - RTCI65

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  • The shoe buckle is made of modified tpu material: Which varies according to different foot sizes when fastened, so it is simple and effective, no need to worry about hurting the foot, tpu, tpr + mesh, both adolescents and adults can use it, reducing the impact on joints by 80%

  • Safety: The elastic toe cap is designed according to ergonomics, the height is suitable, and the shark mouth toe cap is designed to make it comfortable to wear protect your child's soft toes from harm when jumping.

  • Special design:The shoe buckle is made of tpu material, which can effectively fix the tightness and wear resistance the inner sleeve is made of thick mesh cloth, which softly wraps the children's ankle and is comfortable. tpe springs have good support and pressure resistance non-slip wear-resistant outsole, concave and convex groove design, stronger grip, more stable adsorption and smooth movement

  • It can withstand the weight of normal people: Improve blood circulation, make you healthy, and strengthen joints and bones the lining has antibacterial, sweat absorbing and deodorizing properties

  • Multiple occasions: Outdoor indoor fitness,playing basketball, running, skipping, and entertainment easy to burn calories, fitness, coordination, strengthening leg muscles. muscle expansion contributes to (adolescent) physical development,the number of calories burned per hour is more than three times.

  • Features:
    Antibacterial deodorant, comfortable sweat absorption, easy to buckle, save time, the shell is hard and wear resistant, t spring has good support ability and pressure resistance, good elasticity, non-slip.
    Suitable for the crowd: youth outdoor sports have a positive effect on the development of children / young peopleyou don't have to be a star athlete to enjoy the unisex fitness jump shoes bouncing shoes. they are suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

    Size: S (30~32), M (33~35), L (36~38)
    Load-bearing 25KG-45KG-shoe size is 30-32 yards, gross weight 2.95kg
    Load-bearing 35KG-55KG-shoe size is 33-35, gross weight 3.25kg
    Load-bearing 55KG-75KG-shoe size is 36-38, gross weight 3.4kg
    Material: TPU, TPR+Mesh
    Weight: 4 kg
    Maximum load: 20-100 (kg)

    Package Included:
    1 pair *Jumping shoe

    Wgwioo Anti-Gravity Running Boots Teens Elastic Shoes Kids Stilts Bounce Shoes Adult Jumps Shoes Space Bouncer - RTCI65