World Champion Speed Wire Jump Rope #1 Best for Cross Training and Functional Fitness Patented Technology Fully Adjustable Proudly Made in the USA by JumpNrope - MUDS66

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  • USED BY THE WORLD'S BEST - No less than FOUR WORLD RECORDS have been set using this jump rope. Multiple World Champions call this their rope of choice. Why? Because rope choice matters, and these guys can tell the difference. If you could do 1,000 double unders or jump 400 beats per minute, wouldn't you choose the the best equipment too?

  • SIMPLE, DURABLE, LASTING - Highest quality glass-filled nylon handles, multi-stranded stainless steel cable, dual stainless steel precision bearings. Meticulously hand made in Colorado with high quality U.S. materials. This product stands up to the high demands of amateur and professional athletes alike.

  • ADJUSTABLE TO ANY SIZE AND SKILL LEVEL - A quick turn of the sizing collar is all it takes to fit this rope to ANY height and skill level. Use included crimp for a more permanent fit. Handles come in two sizes to fit a wide range of hands and turning preferences

  • WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS - At JumpNrope, customer experience is at the core of everything we do. If you’re not completely satisfied, tell us. We’ll do everything we can to fix what’s wrong and win back your business and your respect.

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: If you're looking for the best, you've come to the right place. Designed and patented by a 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, the JumpNrope Speed Rope has REVOLUTIONIZED the sport with ultrafast dual-bearing, pivoting-eye technology. You'll ease into a silky-smooth nearly frictionless turning experience and virtually-untouchable speed. Several WORLD RECORDS have been set by competitive jumpers who use this rope, and many elite athletes call this their rope of choice. When you own a JumpNrope product, you can be confident you've bought an original patented product from the source. Often imitated, never duplicated!

    FOR INDOOR USE BY SEASONED ATHLETES: This rope is perfect for indoor use by advanced jumpers for double unders, triple unders, and speed-step jumping. While the multi-stranded stainless steel slices the air like a razor, it is not recommended for outdoor use. Concrete and blacktop will decrease the longevity of the cable, causing it to fray. If you're new to jump rope, or you want to jump outdoors we recommend the R2 Trainer, R2.5 Hybrid, or R3 Beaded rope.

    WHO ARE WE? JumpNrope was founded in 2006 by 5-time world jump rope champion Molly Metz. Our mission is to bring fitness to the world through superior training, education, equipment and fun! Our diverse staff is comprised of world jump rope champions, functional fitness athletes, artists, gymnasts, students, even a Ph.D. Atomic Physicist! We travel the World teaching our craft through highly-acclaimed seminars, public performances, and education events at CrossFit gyms, fitness gatherings, and schools. All of the products sold by JumpNrope are meticulously hand-built in Colorado by people who use the product every single day, just like you!

    CONTENTS: 1 fully-assembled R1 Speed Rope, 1 spare set of assembly hardware, and sizing instructions.

    World Champion Speed Wire Jump Rope #1 Best for Cross Training and Functional Fitness Patented Technology Fully Adjustable Proudly Made in the USA by JumpNrope - MUDS66