ZXQZ Auto-Start Wrist Power Gyro Ball Heavy Metal Gyro Ball with LED Light for Stronger Arm Fingers Wrist Bone - DZTR98

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  • [Mechanical power does not require power]: The centrifugal force of the wrist ball interacts to maintain the high-speed rotation of the ball center

  • [Metal ball core is beautiful and durable]: Zinc alloy electroplated ball core, moderate weight, high stability and no cracking, good hand feeling while taking into account beauty and durability

  • [Special wrist strap]: Put on a special wrist strap when in use, so that it will not be thrown out due to too much force when playing, which is safer

  • [Variable speed lights]: As the inner speed of the wrist ball increases, the lights will become colorful, feel the colorful rhythm and increase the fun of fitness

  • [Easy to get started and experience immediately]: Self-starting optimization, no need for traditional drawstring, push to the end along the arrow, let go and start easily. As the wrist rotates, feel the centrifugal force generated by the center of the ball, you can keep the wrist ball running, and more ways to play are waiting for you to unlock

  • ☞☞ Self-starting is no cumbersome, built-in automatic elastic device, one push and release, you can start easily, can control the intensity, increase the fun of entertainment, and experience the power of impact with the variable speed lights.

    ☞☞ Product Details
    Main material: polycarbonate, zinc alloy
    Size: 70x 70x55mm
    Net weight: 270g

    ☞☞ The product contains:
    Wrist ball*1
    Wrist strap*1
    Manual *1

    ☞☞ Package Contents: 1 x Wrist Ball

    ☞☞ Instructions
    Step 1: Wear a special wrist strap to prevent it from falling off, making it safer to use.
    Step 2: Lightly press the ball core with both thumbs and push it in the direction of the arrow until the ball core cannot be pushed with greater resistance.
    The third step: quickly release the core of the ball with both hands, and hand the ball to the ball holder to rotate.
    The fourth step: Feel the force of the sphere rotating, and turn the wrist in a circle with your wrist. The ball can continue to accelerate along with your hand.

    ☞☞ Warning Attention
    - Always wear a shatter-resistant rope before use.
    - Do not add any liquids, including water and oil
    - It is forbidden to touch the rotating rotor with skin
    - Not suitable for children under 10 years old whose hand strength insufficient to use the product

    ☞☞ Service:
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    ZXQZ Auto-Start Wrist Power Gyro Ball Heavy Metal Gyro Ball with LED Light for Stronger Arm Fingers Wrist Bone - DZTR98