ZXQZ Wrist Ball Autostart Metal Hand Strengthener Gyroscope for Arm Sports Fitness - AINK92

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  • [Clockwork optimization, more fun to play]: The structure of the self-inspired bar has been optimized to make it smoother, lower noise, and more fun to play.

  • [Mechanical power, no power supply]: The rotation of the wrist interacts with the inner rotating sphere, and the centrifugal force generated maintains the high-speed rotation of the sphere.

  • [Variable speed lights]: As the inner speed of the wrist ball increases, the lights will become dazzling. You can feel the colorful rhythm and increase the fun of fitness.

  • [Incredible Power]: With its zinc rotor, power wrist ball holds the power of a Metal Series model and can output a massive 27kg in pure isometric resistance. Harness the immense power of hybrid at fast speeds to build solid upper arm muscles and experience the ultimate grip.

  • [A Muscle-Burning Workout]: Spin gyro ball at high speeds and experience the ultimate upper-body workout that rapidly builds muscle in the forearms, shoulders, wrists and fingers, for improved muscle performance and a stronger grip

  • ☞☞ Powerful Strengthening
    Build strength from fingertip to shoulder: Exercise with power wrist ball is purely isometric so it will complement any training regime. wrist ball exercises the arm in a way that simply isn't possible with regular isotonic (free-weight) exercise training and it engages a much higher percentage of muscle fibres in a far shorter time frame. If you are looking to improve wrist, grip and arm strength, finger strengthener will give you the edge.

    ☞☞ Specification
    Main material: polycarbonate, zinc alloy
    Size: 70x70x55mm
    Net weight: 270g

    ☞☞ Package Contents:
    Wrist Ball *1

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    ZXQZ Wrist Ball Autostart Metal Hand Strengthener Gyroscope for Arm Sports Fitness - AINK92