ZXQZ Wrist Ball Fitness Grip Start Small Arm Strength Training Device Gyro Metal Wrist Strength - ILQC60

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  • [Mechanical power, no power supply required]: The rotation of the wrist interacts with the centrifugal force of the internal autobiography of the center of the sphere to generate kinetic energy that resists each other and maintain the center of the sphere at high speed.

  • [Dedicated wrist strap to protect safety]: When exercising, please wear a special wrist strap to ensure that it will not be thrown out due to too much force when using it to protect you and others.

  • [Zinc alloy electroplated ball core]: The weight is moderate, the internal structure is stable and will not break when running at high speed, and it has a comfortable feel while taking into account beauty and durability.

  • [Exercise arms and palm strength]: Frequent use of the wrist ball can exercise the entire arm muscles, help relieve muscle soreness caused by long-term use of the wrist and arm, and can also help fitness enthusiasts to carry out strength training for the arm.

  • [Optimized clockwork, exercise more fun]: The structure of the elastic potential energy self-inspired strip mechanism has been optimized to make it smoother when pushing and accumulating, reducing noise

  • ☞☞ The wrist ball adopts a purely physical mechanical structure and does not require any electricity. With the rotation of the wrist, the deflection force brought by the rotation of the sphere is felt. The decompression lights are more dazzling according to the rotation speed. It is a combination of strength and aesthetics, which is immersive among them.

    ☞☞ Product details
    Main material: carbonated polyester, zinc alloy
    Size: 70x70x55 mm
    Net weight: 270g

    ☞☞ The product contains:
    Wrist ball*1
    Wrist strap*1
    Manual *1

    ☞☞ Note:
    - Not suitable for children under 10 years old whose hand strength insufficient to use the product
    - Do hot drop it from high or hit it on hard objects, it may cause serious damage
    - Do not touch the inner ball while it in high-speed running
    - Do not add any oil or moothy liquid into it which may cause it inoperation

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    ZXQZ Wrist Ball Fitness Grip Start Small Arm Strength Training Device Gyro Metal Wrist Strength - ILQC60